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Ecology in Local Government

Planning and Development Control

Development plans must meet many objectives, but all should be based on sustaining, and indeed enhancing, the quality of the environment: local authorities are expected to undertake environmental appraisals of their development plans.

Achieving sustainable development means that each local authority needs to look beyond statutory nature conservation sites. Most authorities have identified other significant sites, and have policies for protecting them within their development plans. It is particularly important to conserve irreplaceable natural features.

Planning Policy Guidance Note 9 emphasises international and national obligations to nature conservation, but also recognises the importance of local site designation and development control procedure. It points the way for other planning guidance across the U.K. Nature conservation is relevant to all stages of the planning process and to all types of development, including housing, road construction, industry and minerals. It should be comprehensively considered in preparing development briefs, environmental assessments, and design guidelines used to influence the quality of development. Local authorities can also secure environmental improvements through using conditions and planning agreements. New urban developments offer particularly exciting opportunities.


Document Date: 1996
Last Updated: 31/12/1996

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