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Ecology in Local Government

Land Management

Local authorities can have a great influence on the management of land beyond their own estate. Grant aid to landowners for habitat management, and advice and services through Countryside Management Projects are a major contribution. Some local authorities fund community groups to undertake projects and local Wildlife Trusts to help with reserve management.

Local authorities often act as agents for grant-aid schemes, such as Countryside Stewardship, helping to direct national funding to priority areas. Similarly, authorities are adept at sourcing grants from national programmes and channelling them to local projects.

Local authorities, often in partnership with others, are establishing habitat management projects over wide geographical areas, for example heathland restoration or woodland management.

Local authorities act on a broad front, influencing land management through various means, from participation on forums for coastal management to the employment of project officers for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


Document Date: 1996
Last Updated: 31/12/1996

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