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Ecology in Local Government

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Local authorities are pivotal to nature conservation in the UK. They have a central responsibility through forward planning and development control, yet their influence extends well beyond: from land ownership and habitat management, to education and community involvement.

The impact of local government on nature conservation is exceptionally broad. Local authorities can influence central government policy and respond to local communities, promoting and enabling local action.

Much has been achieved. Many local authorities have developed comprehensive nature conservation programmes and incorporated innovative projects. Examples of good practice span all levels of local government across the UK, in both rural and urban areas.

Nature conservation is entering a new era. Sustainable development, biodiversity and the Agenda 21 programme have cascaded down from the Earth Summit in Rio to bring new discipline to the subject. Planning Guidance on nature conservation and the Habitat Regulations will also assist local authorities. The stage is set for more progress.

A main purpose of nature conservation is to ensure an
environment rich in wildlife and natural features
which can be enjoyed by everyone


Document Date: 1996
Last Updated: 31/12/1996

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