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Provision of membership information to outside bodies

  1. Membership information held
    1. ALGE maintains a list of paid up full and associate members:
      • Full members must be appropriately qualified and spend at least 50% of their time on nature conservation work.
      • Associate membership is welcomed from planners, countryside staff or others working within local authorities with interest in or responsibility for the nature conservation aspects of the local authority's work.
    2. Over 95% of ALGE members are registered at their work address. This information is in the public domain. Members can be contacted via their employing local authority.
    3. Memberships are renewed in April each year. Members receive an updated Membership Directory during the following summer.
    4. It is the policy of ALGE to update its membership lists every six months, acting on information supplied to the Membership secretary.
    5. Membership is voluntary. ALGE does not guarantee membership from 100% of local authority ecologists working in local government.
    6. ALGE is not registered with the Data Protection Registrar under the DPA 1998. Having explored this in 2001, ALGE considers that the uses to which it puts its membership data do not require registration. However, members who use their home addresses are given the opportunity to be excluded from mailing lists supplied to others.

  2. ALGE e-mail discussion group facility
    1. ALGE maintains an e-mail discussion group to which over 99% of members have access.
    2. Access to this egroup is available to ALGE members only via the group Moderator.

  3. Access to membership information and e-mail discussion group for outside organisations
    1. ALGE considers that, without requiring DPA registration, it can provide membership information to outside organisations to enable them to circulate information to ALGE members, which is of interest or benefit to members:
      • Courses, conferences, seminars
      • Information from agencies or organisations such as DEFRA, Biodiversity Secretariat, English Nature, Environment Agency, NBN, RSPB, The Wildlife Trusts and other NGOs.

      ALGE is also prepared to circulate this information on its e-mail discussion group if supplied electronically to a member.
    2. ALGE recognises that there may be occasions when it would be useful to outside organisations or individuals to have access to the ALGE membership list or e-mail discussion group when seeking information eg questionnaires for research undertaken directly by the above organisations or on their behalf by consultants under contract.
    3. However, particularly when this information is required to fulfil some commercial purpose, it may not be of interest or benefit to members. ALGE's experience is that such approaches to its members will be more positively welcomed where ALGE has had the opportunity to influence design of the research/questionnaire. ALGE is happy to facilitate the trial of questionnaires with members and seek their initial comments.
    4. ALGE stresses that whenever possible agencies, NGOs and consultancies who hope to gather information from ALGE members and design into their research an approach to ALGE members, should seek a prior agreement with ALGE that membership information or access to the egroup will be provided.
    5. ALGE stresses that, without this prior agreement, it cannot guarantee access to membership information.
    6. ALGE stresses that it cannot guarantee that members will respond to such requests for information but that initial consultation and trialing of questionnaires can be very helpful in encouraging a positive response.
    7. ALGE accepts that once membership information has been supplied, it is out of the Association's control and might be used for additional uses with individual local authorities such as searches or EIA queries. However, ALGE will NOT provide membership information, either the whole list or individual LA ecologist names and addresses, for these purposes.

Document Date: 04/11/2002
Last Updated: 04/11/2002

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