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Links to other resources

UK General ...
UK Biodiversity  
Biodiversity Library of Advice  (UK Biodiversity Action Plan)
British Association of Nature Conservationists  (BANC)
Countryside Jobs Service (CJS)  Free & low cost information promoting countryside careers in the UK
Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management  Organisation for Environmental Professionals
International Association for Landscape Ecology  (IALE) for the UK Region
Joint Nature Conservation Committee  (JNCC)
Library of Local Performance Indicators  (Audit Commission and IDeA)
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds  (RSPB)
Wildlife Trusts  

England ...
Department for Communities and Local Government  (DCLG) was formerly ODPM
England Biodiversity Group  
Environment Agency  
Information For Local Government  Quick and easy access to information from government departments
Local Government Association  (LGA)
Natural England  Formerly English Nature, Rural Development Service & Countryside Agency
Planning Officers Society  

Wales ...
Countryside Council for Wales  
Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs  (DEFRA)
Environment Agency  
Natur Cymru  Magazine Website for Nature in Wales
Wales Best Value  
Wales Biodiversity Partnership  
Welsh Local Government Association  
Welsh Assembly  

Scotland ...
Convention of Scottish Local Authorities  (COSLA)
Scottish Biodiversity Forum  
Scottish Natural Heritage  
Scottish Goverment - Environment  
Scottish Environment Protection Agency  (SEPA)

Northern Ireland ...
Department of the Environment in Northern Ireland  

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