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Association of Local Government Ecologists (ALGE) - Wales

An active ALGE group exists in Wales with approximately 30 members distributed throughout 22 Local Authorities and 3 National Parks giving nearly 100% coverage in Wales.

Informal meetings are held in mid-Wales at 8 - 12 month intervals. These meetings provide an opportunity for members to discuss a wide range of current issues relevant to ecologists in Wales. Examples of subjects discussed include the effects of new or proposed legislation or guidance from Welsh Assembly Government, dealings with the Countryside Council for Wales and other bodies, Biodiversity Action Plans and the developing best practice. The meetings are usually well attended and prove extremely useful to members who may otherwise feel isolated from others in the same profession. They provide an excellent basis for networking and sharing information and skills with others. The meetings are organised, chaired and minuted on a voluntary and rotating basis.

In addition to the informal ALGE meetings, most members also attend and support the Wales Biodiversity Partnership's annual Biodiversity Practitioners' Seminar. Many of the topics covered by ALGE Wales are directly relevant to those involved with the development of Local Biodiversity Action Plans. ALGE Wales welcomes more Biodiversity Officers as members, although it will continue to deal with the wider ecological issues within Local Authorities.

Representatives of ALGE Wales attend groups such as the Local Issues Advisory Group (LIAG) of the Wales Biodiversity Group and the Roads and Otters Steering Group Wales. In addition ALGE Wales is a consultee of the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) and the Wales Biodiversity Partnership and is invited to comment on all major policy and legislative consultations coming out of the National Assembly for Wales/ Welsh Assembly Government.

In addition to the meetings, information relevant to members in Wales is frequently circulated via e-mail, which again proves invaluable for networking.

New members of ALGE Wales are always welcome.


Document Date: 01/04/2003
Last Updated: 01/04/2003

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