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Local Government and Nature Conservation

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Fora on which ALGE is represented

Fora Sub group of fora if appropriate ALGE representative Notes
Regional ALGE Contacts

NB. These are ALGE members who are a suitable contact concerning regional matters. Some may also be ALGE Committee members.
West Midlands Ali Glaisher
East Midlands Sue Timms
South East

John Edwards
South West Vacant
North East Graham Megson
North West Judy Palmer
London Iain Boulton
East Anglia Gen Broad
England Biodiversity Group

David Pape
Local and Regional Strategy Implementation Group David Pape
Wales Biodiversity Partnership Steering Group / Wales Environmental Forum

Melanie Dodd
Scotland Biodiversity Forum

Action Co-ordination Group Graeme Wilson
All Party Parliamentary Group on Biodiversity

Elizabeth Milne
National Biodiversity Network

Policy and Projects Advisory Committee Nicky Court
LRC Project Group

Nicky Court
Urban Habitat Network

Lin Hand
Audit Commission and Local Government Associations

Murray Davidson

Document Date: February 2001
Last Updated: 1st April 2003

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